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To view the available inter-commodity spreads, enter a contract, for example CL.

single taken checkbox quotes

Use the arrowhead to expand the menu to view the available inter-commodity spreads. Hold your mouse over the spread to see the combo description.

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Hold your mouse over the blue star to see the price calculation. Virtual Securities The Virtual Security feature provides the ability to view the calculated market pricing and chart historical pricing for a synthetic security that you create by entering an equation into the Virtual Security Equation Builder.

Once you have defined a Virtual Security it can be used throughout TWS in the quote and analytical tools, but cannot be used in any of the trading tools.

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To create a virtual security: In the Quote Monitor, right-click in a blank line and select Virtual Security. Using the equation builder, define the custom security.

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Be sure the use quotation marks around the symbol when entering an underlying. The security is listed as a new contract in the Quote Monitor and displays the Last, Bid and Ask prices.

Creating a Spread

Strategy Builder for Options Spreads The Strategy Builder allows you to create option spreads by single taken checkbox quotes the bid or ask price of each single taken checkbox quotes contract to add legs as you build your spread. To add each leg of the spread, click the ask price to Buy the contract or the bid price to Sell write that contract.

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TWS builds the spread as you select each leg. Use the drop downs to in the Strategy Builder to create a ratio or refine each leg.

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Mosaic: Always check your order before submitting. The implied spread price is displayed with a pink tick dot.

single taken checkbox quotes

Add to Quote Panel button creates an implied price line in the OptionTrader Quote panel, with optional rows for each leg of the spread. A Spread remains marketable when all legs are marketable at the same time. To add a Stock component to your Combinations In the OptionTrader, Strategy Builder tab, use the Add Stock button to add a stock leg for single taken checkbox quotes Buy Write Covered Call or choose to make the spread Delta Neutral to single taken checkbox quotes add a hedging stock leg to the combo for a delta amount of the underlying.

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Use the system calculated delta or enter your own.

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