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single rate deutschland

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Culture Life Products The whole is often greater than the sum of its parts. This is why we supply our customers single rate deutschland only with individual parts but with complex components as well. Forming Special presses with individual, follow-on, progressive and transfer tools manufacture high-quality products in different dimensions from various steel qualities.

single rate deutschland

Product examples For the passenger single rate deutschland market, we produce front-end frames, bumper systems, cross car beams, side and cross members, and floor assemblies. Joining Joining technologies, especially various welding processes, and the assembly of individual parts to components belong to our core competencies for a long time.

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Material Our single rate deutschland are predominantly made of steel in thicknesses of up to 12 mm, with strengths of up to 2, MPa. Surface E-Coating lines are run in many of our locations in order to provide an optimal corrosion protection of our parts.

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From a single part to the body-in-white structure Ever since cars have existed, we have been developing, producing, and supplying metal parts—and, for the vehicles of today, hybrid structures—for the automotive industry.

From a manufacturer of individual parts, we have grown into an internationally recognized development supplier of components and body-in-white structures.

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But we also offer our customers much more than that: we make a considerable contribution to the growth of their competitiveness. The crucial cost and logistical advantages of our streamlined, medium-sized company structure with international presence serves a single purpose: to drive the market success of our customers and safeguard our innovative strength and earning power.

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This is our pledge worldwide.

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