Single passenger cruises

single passenger cruises

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Cruise ship - Photo: Kay Single passenger cruises 5th september - Pollution from the cruise ship industry is still massive, despite claims newer vessels are clean and green. All operators still use heavy fuel oil to power their ships — a dirty and sulphurous tar-like fuel that emits toxic fumes when burnt.

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Hapag-Lloyd and TUI share the top position due to the installation of nitrogen oxide catalysts, a small but important step towards cleaner ships. Yet sector leaders Costa, MSC and Royal Carribbean offer little to demonstrate they care for the environment or the health of people who live near, work in or holiday on these ships. The lack single passenger cruises action from Costa, MSC and Royal Caribbean to clean up operations endangers their customers, port residents and the global climate.

They have failed to deliver on their promise to invest in particulate filters for the entire fleet.

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For each measure, beyond this, individual ships receive proportionately green propellers, allowing them to be placed in the ranking ahead of its competitors. Instead the CLIA trade association offered a vague and general comment claiming it took single passenger cruises issue seriously. NABU sees this as yet another example of a sector that refuses dialogue and detests transparency.

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Last year the sector claimed 23 ships would be operating with soot filters. The truth is not a single filter is working at present.

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Emissions from diesel engines like they are employed on all cruise ships today are qualified carcinogenic by World Health Organisation.

They also cause several severe lung or cardiovascular diseases.

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Recent onboard measurements of pollution on cruise ships illustrated the potential dangers passengers are facing. TV crews in France and Germany recorded levels of particulate pollution up to times higher than normal clean air. NABU asks single passenger cruises a general ban of heavy fuel oil, a switch to cleaner fuels and regulation that requires the installation of particulate filters and SCR catalysts on all ships.

single passenger cruises

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