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Apidologie 22 DOI: Reinscha, H. Schustera, K.

Bienefeldb and F. The object of this study was to make a comparison by morphometric analysis of "Landrasse" single oberursel with typical colonies of A m mellifera and A m carnica. A sample of 4 bees from 99 colonies was taken in Single oberursel Saxony during April Thirty-three apiaries contributed 3 colonies single oberursel apiary.

The last 2 measurements were coded as 1,2 and 3 for single oberursel beescorresponding to the classes low, medium and high Ruttner, a.

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The means for the colonies were computed from these codes. Data from 10 typical colonies of A m carnica and 9 typical colonies of A m mellifera were obtained from the morphometric bee data bank in Oberursel.

Foto: fch Oberursel fch. Von dort reiste er am vergangenen Wochenende nach Oberursel.

The averages for each group and trait are given in table I. A comparison of the colonies from Lower Saxony with the standard for A m carnica, which is based on single oberursel work of Ruttner and used by the German Beekeeper's Association Deutscher Imkerbundresulted in a classification of all 99 colonies as "not carnica".

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The graph in figure 1 was obtained by principal component analysis of all colonies. The well-separated cluster on the right contains only colonies of A m mellifera M ; the larger single oberursel on the left contains both A m carnica C and "Landrasse" X.

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The "Landrasse" is positioned between the extremes due to its crossbreeding character. Mahalanobis-distances between groups are shown in table IV quadratic and linear. In conclusion, it can be stated that the "Landrasse" is much more influenced by A single oberursel carnica than by A m mellifera in spite of clear crossbreeding characteristics such as long hair, showing the gene contribution of the native population.

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