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Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems; we are continuing to work to improve these archived versions. Even accounting for lucky breaks, it is something of a puzzle how Kevin Wade managed to write ''Key Exchange,'' the Off Broadway hit that many critics have called the debut of a promising young American playwright. For one thing, Mr. Wade is only 27 and has never single hallmark actors a play before ''Key Exchange.

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Finally, ''Key Exchange'' was produced exactly six weeks after Mr. Wade finished writing it - a feat that any veteran playwright could envy.


Wade himself offers a simple solution to the puzzle: ''I didn't have anything to get out of my system,'' he said recently during an interview in his Greenwich Village apartment. I set out to write a play I thought my friends and I would like to go see.

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I wanted to make it funny, short and to the point. Wade sustained that clear sense of purpose and wrote a play that simply sold itself.

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Kyle Rennick, the director of the W. Theater, decided to produce ''Key Exchange'' only a few days after reading it. The play was an immediate single hallmark actors and moved to the Orpheum, Off Broadway, on July 14, where it has done sell-out business.

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While the writing is the hallmark of ''Key Exchange,'' its direction and casting gave it a crucial boost toward commercial success. It was directed by Barnet Kellman, a respected Off Broadway and regional company director.

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The small cast - single hallmark actors has remained with the play - consists of the experienced Off Broadway actors Mark Blum and Ben Masters, and the film actress Brooke Adams, who is best known for her leading roles in ''Days of Heaven'' and ''Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Movie producers from major studios are bidding for screenplay rights, and this winter, the Literary Guild will offer the script as a Fireside Theater Book Club single hallmark actors. All of this began, Mr. Wade said, ''with me alone in a room, listening to Frank Sinatra and changing sentences around.

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Wade has worked as an actor in New York sincebut he dates his experience in the theater from his days as an altar boy in Chappaqua, N.

By the end of his sophomore year, single hallmark actors was spending so much time acting that he decided to move to New York, ''where I hoped to make a living at it.

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Wade worked more at odd jobs than he did on the stage. Inhowever, that ratio reversed, and his acting career began to take off.

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He appeared in numerous Off and Off Off Broadway productions, most notably in the lead roles of ''Hosanna'' and ''Woyzeck,'' both performed by The Production Company single hallmark actors He is best known for his lead role in ''Scenic Route,'' a film by Mark Rappaport that was a hit in Europe, and is still shown two or three times a year on public television.

Wade said. Wade said, also instilled in him a respect for the technical complexities of good theater - and thus a determination to limit his ambitions to a level he could reach. He began by looking for dating berlin app staging device that would give the play a simple structure, yet allow a variety of comic situations to arise.

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An avid bicyclist, Mr. Wade decided to have his characters ride bicycles on and off the stage in every scene.

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The bicycling gave me leeway to write the play in scenes, rather than in acts. Philip and Lisa start the play as cooing lovers, and Michael as a rationalizing newlywed.

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Later, when Lisa suggests to Philip that single hallmark actors exchange keys to each other's apartments, Philip is frightened by the symbolic gesture and lectures her on the need for them to remain free to have other lovers.

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