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Early forms and development[ edit ] "a, hoy, hoay"[ edit ] Piers the Plowmandriving oxen, in a Psalter from the 14th century Ahoy is a combination of the call 'hoy' plus the sound 'a', presumably added to draw more attention to the cry.

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The Scottish poet William Falconerauthor meaning of single or taken in hindi a nautical dictionary, wrote "If the master intends to give any order to the people in the main-top, he calls, Main-top, hoay! To which they answer, Holloa!

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Functionally related with "hoy" is a group of similar sounding calls and greetings in the Germanic languages: Middle and Modern English "hey" and "hi", German, Dutch, Danish and Norwegian hei, in Sweden hej, [8] and the Dutch greeting hoi. It was borrowed from English [1] and became popular among people engaged in water sports. It gained wide currency by the s.

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Their forms show no links to the middle English form hoy and their meanings offer little connection to the call used to establish contact. In around Heinrich von Freiberg used the form ahiu twice in his adaptation of Tristan as a greeting: "ahiu, Parmenois Tristan!

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Ahiu has the same meaning as the interjections ahiv, ahiw and hiu, which occur in this text as well. Ahui, together with aheia, ahi and ahu, belongs to a group of words that express incommensurable joy, esteem and similar positive attitudes. Distribution and use[ edit ] General information[ edit ] Seamen had been using ahoy long before the first recorded use in print in well-known seafaring songs or Shanties.

meaning of single or taken in hindi

There is a lack of research into handwritten letters and records from seamen. Therefore, printed works concerning the use of the "Ahoy"-word family have only restricted significance regarding the temporal and geographical distribution.

meaning of single or taken in hindi

The first evidence for the German word "ahoi" is found in Ahoy is widely used in the Northern and Baltic Maritime World. It expresses semantically a change in distance or presupposes it.

Ahoy (greeting)

In most erlangen single treff heilbronn it can be used as an interjection, whilst in others it takes the form of a verb e.

English - "to ahoy", German - "ahoi sagen" [2] or a Noun e. Swedish - "ohoj", German - "das Ahoi" It is not known how the word spread in harbour towns or on ships with an international crew, especially as similar sounding interjections in a neighbouring language may have either interfered with or promoted the adoption.

In spoken German, either the command or the addressee can come first, e. One early example of the expression can be found in William Falconer 's Dictionary of the Marine : "The usual expression is, Hoa, the ship ahoay!

In the first edition of this dictionary the expression was still in its previous form hoay.

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In the s ahoy was already used on the stage in London to create a sea-faring atmosphere. In this way it reached a very wide audience. In the comedy The Walloonsbrought to the stage in by the playwright Richard Cumberlandthe expression was used to catch someone's attention: "Ahoy!

The work was published posthumously in In another early documented source, as well, ahoy was similarly used to catch someone's attention.

meaning of single or taken in hindi

The expression ahoy was probably first heard in public in in the lyrics of a Sea Shantya worksong sung by able seamen, when the English composer Charles Dibdin performed his musical The Oddities in London. This work also contains the song Ben Backstay, about a boatswain.

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The lyrics were not published until The first entry in this popular reference book can be seen as an acceptance of "ahoy" into the English language. In the first half of the 19th century the word already began to find its way into many neighbouring languages.

A speculation from about the origin of the French word oyez, which means "hört!

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It had already appeared in a metaphorical context before, when in the American trade town of Philadelphia a preacher started to build a church for sailors in According to his memoirs, sailors used to greet him with "Ship ahoi" and to ask where he was going. The preacher used to answer back: "To the New Jerusalem harbour".

The writer feels that management is also destined to become more of an art, and that many of the elements which are now believed to be outside the field of exact knowledge will soon be standardized, tabulated, accepted, and used, as are now many of the elements of engineering.

We sail under the admiral Jesus, a good captain. We need men: "As the sailors said right before they were taken on: "Now we come in and listen to your conditions" The variant "ohoy"[ edit ] The variant ohoy was used early on as a synonym for ahoy.

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In one anecdote, printed meaning of single or taken in hindiit appears as the ironic greeting of a captain to his boatman who is dressed up like a Romney Marsh Sheep when he entered the stage: "Ohoa, the boatswain, the Romney, Ohoy!

The Scottish poet Thomas Campbell published a satirical poem inin which a rider shouted: "Murderer, stop, ohoy, oh".

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Ohoy, Tom Dempster! The form "ohoy" has been adopted by several Nordic languages.

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Their dictionaries give the English ohoy as a single source word, usually before ahoy sometimes afterwards. Research[ edit ] The term remained widely unknown to German readers until s, since the translators of popular maritime gedichten flirten of the time avoided it.

In the beginning, the circumstances point to uncertainties regarding the usage of the word.

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