Mannheim semester dates

mannheim semester dates

Are you looking for a flexible study programme adjusted to your individual needs?

mannheim semester dates

Then HdWM has just the right thing for you! In some cases, a full-time degree programme can be hard to reconcile with your situation in live.


This can have many reasons: You are taking care of relatives or your children. Your job is currently quite demanding, or you are aiming to be a professional athlete. It is for people like you that we offer all our study courses as mannheim semester dates part-time alternative. We will schedule an individual einladung firma kennenlernen for you, which simply contains fewer lectures than usual.

Study design on the Mathildenhöhe

Of mannheim semester dates, this will extend your studies, but we lower the tuition fees accordingly. At the end of the day, you will not pay more than any full-time student.

Municipal Commercial College Mannheim [ edit ] Otto Beckone of the Founding Fathers of the Handelshochschule Mannheim Inthe Städtische Handelshochschule Mannheim Municipal Commercial College was founded on the initiative of Mannheim's senior mayor Otto Beck — and the economics professor Eberhard Gothein — as a college for future merchants.

Contact us to find out more. How can I apply?

mannheim semester dates

Applicants residing in Germany Studying management requires more from an applicant than just the necessary school leaving certificates. It takes special characteristics, such as motivation and personality, to be successful in the field.

These and other qualifications are assessed in our application day.

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  • In order to further promote and refine this development, practitioners need to understand how microeconomics can help to shed light on particular aspects of competition problems.

The central part of the application day is a personal application interview with a professor of the Management in International Business course. The interview gives us insight, whether our Management in International Business degree programme matches your mannheim semester dates skills and interests.

Here, an exemplary schedule of an application day: Welcoming speech by the HdWM president including more information about the university and the management degree programmes Consultation with the HdWM study advisors either in the group or individually Application interviews with a professor of the respective study programme You will be informed about the result of your application shortly after mannheim semester dates assessment, giving you enough time to prepare for your life as a student.

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In addition to that, mannheim semester dates can take part in a voluntary orientation day. Special tests assess your interests and general intelligence and help finding the right degree course for your career aims. Just ask the HdWM study advisory about further details and the next orientation day dates!

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Online Application If you want to study Management in International Business, you can submit your binding application via our Online application form. There, you can enter your personal data and pick the application day you would like to take part in.

The respective chair of the study programme will get in touch with you, to mannheim semester dates your personal appointment.

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Please send the following documents to bewerbung hdwm. If you have not yet received your school-leaving certificates, please apply with the most up-to-date transcript or report you have.

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