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Hamm single drum

HAMM AG – specialist in rollers and soil compactors for road construction and earthwork

Finally, a Hamm H 20i compactor takes care of the compaction of the stabilized soil. Device according to Claim 4, characterised in that the container 7 has fitted to it upstream in the roller train of the rotary printing press a spray device.

Process according to Claim 1, characterized in that each individual cleaning sequence comprises spraying on of water distribution of water a periodic doctoring in the roller train. Walzenzug nach Anspruch 11, dadurch gekennzeichnet, dass die Bremse 13 nach Art einer Lamellenbremse ausgebildet ist und gegenüberliegend dem Antriebsmotor 1 im Gehäuse 10 integriert ist.

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The tractor-compactor train according to claim 11, characterized in that the brake 13 is formed in the manner of a lamella brake and hamm single drum integrated in the housing 10 opposite the drive motor 1. Walzenzug nach Anspruch 12, dadurch gekennzeichnet, dass die im Gehäuse 10 integrierte Bremse 13 über eine hamm single drum Gehäusehauptteil 18 lösbar gehaltene Bremsenkappe 17 zugänglich ist.

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  • The product range includes soil compactors, tandem rollers and pneumatic tire rollers.
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The tractor-compactor train according to claim 12, characterized in that the brake 13 integrated in the housing 10 is accessible through hamm single drum brake flap 17 detachably held in the housing body A Wirtgen WS tractor-towed stabilizer together with a Hamm t compactor built the 30 cm-thick stabilized subbase. The material produced by the train of the WR was compacted with the new Hamm H 20i vibratory compactor, whereas that of the WR S with a Hamm vibratory compactorboth having a roller weight of A tractor-compactor hamm single drum with a vibrating roller, each equipped with a compact drive according to any one of the preceding claims.

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Auf Wunsch ist der Walzenzug jetzt auch mit dem intuitiven Bomag Economizer verfügbar, welcher den Verdichtungsgrad misst. On request, this model is now available with the intuitive Bomag Economizer, which measures compaction.

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Compaction was handled by a Hamm earth compactor, the H 16i. Bomag will launch the BW single drum roller in Hamm single drum in June Compaction control with the Economizer option. In addition, users now benefit from the proven Bomag Economizer system on this model.

Schnell und gründlich hat ein 12 t schwerer Walzenzug von Hamm am Montag, den On Monday 23 March, a 12 t Hamm roller quickly, totally and irreparably destroyed around counterfeit copies of the popular Reisenthel "Carrybags".

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Flattened counterfeit copies: With this activity, the 12 t roller destroyed counterfeit "Carrybags" with a market value of 40, euros in just a few minutes. The H hamm single drum compactor is the new champion for earth working.

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Knickgelenktes Walzenfahrzeug, insbesondere Walzenzug. Ausführung Walzenzug mit Verdichtungsmesser. Junge Maschine mit wenig stunden.

hamm single drum

Configuration Single drum roller with compaction meter. Young machine with little hours.

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hamm single drum

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