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halle berry newly single

Putative fossil generalikely other monocots or cycads 5.

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For the accurate verification of names, the protologue of each was studied and photocopied for future reference. Examination and understanding of that original text typically written in German, French, or Latin, were critical to resolving some of the nomenclatural problems of the Bromeliaceae.

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The Bromeliaceae are a fascinating family that continue to elude taxonomists in delineating a natural generic classification.

Nevertheless, new approaches in plant systematics are likely to clarify many unresolved circumscriptions.

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The synthesis of traditional and newly-identified morphological characters with data from other fields is likely to change our understanding of its complex and reticulate evolutionary patterns; e. Missouri Bot.

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Cryptanthus Soc. London Williams in Phytochemistry Medina in Evolution Pflanzen Robinson in Smithsonian Contr. Such resolution will likely lead to the resurrection of genera from synonymy, the establishment of halle berry newly single genera, or the placement currently recognized genera into synonymy.

halle berry newly single

Therefore, before any such revisionary action is taken, it is essential to have a complete and accurate catalogue of all the generic names of the family with all their nomenclatural problems clearly outlined.

This reference was compiled to reduce confusion in the generic nomenclature, ease the determination of priority, and lessen errors in name selection.

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Most bromeliad genera named for persons honor Europeans, e. These genera were also named exclusively after men with only two recent exceptions, Racinaea and Ursulaea.

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While several important bromeliad monographers and researchers are commemorated with currently recognized genera, e. Lymania, Mezobromelia, Neoregelia, and Werauhia, some are not so honored.

There is a rich body of taxonomic, horticultural, and nomenclatural literature of the Bromeliaceae dating to the 18th century, but more importantly from the midth century to the present time. Within this catalogue, there are references to these publications including an appendix that contains a chronological list of important works that identify the significant milestones in bromeliad taxonomy.

Buenos Aires Deuterocohnia brevifolia Griseb.

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Halle berry newly single considered a synonym of Deuterocohnia.

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