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die deutschen flirten sehr subtil

However, studies show that listeners are able to adopt to a speaker's pronunciation during the course of conversation. In the current study, German, Swedish and Finnishstudents listened to a 15 minute text in German modified to simulate a new dialect.

Subsequently they performed a lexical decision task where words according to this dialect appeared. Results from these tasks showed that German mother tongue speakers failed to adapt to the dialect.

die deutschen flirten sehr subtil polnische frauen kennenlernen seriös

However, Swedish subjects did adopt. Finnish mother tongue speakers on the otherhand, did not seem to adopt to the same extent as the swedes.

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The results suggest, that the different results between Germans, Swedes and Finns are induced by different perception and language approach in mother tongue speakers and L2-learners. The language perception System seams to be more flexible in L2-Learners whereas it is more static in mother tonguespeakers of the same language.

die deutschen flirten sehr subtil

Furthermore it is suggested, that different phonological structures between the mother tongues of L2-learners have different implications on the adaption to speech in the foreign language.

If the phonological structure of one mother tongue die deutschen flirten sehr subtil differs much from the foreign language to be learned, phonological adaptation seams to be more difficult. Performatism in Contemporary Photography: Alina Kisina. Farhan, Christine R.

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